Birthing of Hope with Fire Blessings

Welcome Home Relatives into the Heart of
"Grandfather Standing By Me"

I'm dreaming of the day. I'll find the praise. Dancing as a stream of light, I'm gonna to find my way. Help me. Hold my hand and I'll tell thee. Born as a star, I fly to thee. Call me the, "brother shines sow brightly". Hold me and call me, my Great Name. "Standing By Me", that's my name. That's where we're going, no shame. Tell you; tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, we're on our way. Oh sweetness, let the stones fly away. And they call me, "Oh Take My Hand". That's the place of the dawning, awhw (grab my heart), that's the land. Look at the bright light, shining so might, the glory of heaven you see, that's where I am going, the place I will sowing, that's the river valley for me.

Grandfather Standing By Me
~Heavenly name and Mission (blue road)
Oh (dream))/Owe (gratitude) Take My Hand
~Earthly name and tools of light (red road)
Brother Shine So/w Brightly
~Nick name (yellow road)
white (star), yellow, rainbow, gray~
~Rainbow colors


Great Name Song sung by
White Buffalo Calf Woman
on theHOOPs, Join us there!

Welcome Home Rainbow Clan
"Brother Shine Sow Brightly"

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grandfather Standing By Me Says, "Guide Your Life"

Hold my hand today, I will pray. Come and love and save the day. Come be grateful for everyone. There is a place under the sun. Can you feel the human race, come inside the holy grace. If you feel the welcome inside this pride (tribe), then you will know it's what's been told. Heaven's glory comes out of me, to share the wonder of the seas. I want you to know how great it's told, the story dream ever bold. Come shine a light and be a squire (land owner, your soul is an active participant). Hold my hand and don't desire, but instead be grateful for everything, because it's heaven's streaming brings. 

And it's within, our hearts do wind. And we are going to share the world again, but you need to learn how to bow down to the child. They are the heaven, all worth while. Come share my soul, cling to me. I will shine upon a heavenly breeze. And when we are folly and in the grim, help us all learn to swim (oh, our heavenly lessons). We are forever, deep inside, the heaven's waking, it presides, oh come to me, I share the breeze. Hold my hand and we will understand.

Keep a hand on the steering wheel, the place of where your dreams are real. I hold it true, the comfort imbued. The rainbow colors that shine in you. And when we are traveling deep and wide. When we are gifting our human prize, the revelation of hope in the sky, where we are stars, here to ride. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums for the Heart of Grandfather Standing By Me. We bless you and keep you in our hearts. We bow and praise the waves!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Here we glide to feel the (buffalo) hide, the rainbow colors of our pride (clan). A place to know inside the snow (blessings) that gift to us a ride. Place your hand inside of mine, then we will learn to shine, for love is true to those who knew, that relatives are always bind, to the heart of the sacred thine. One heart, one land, one place in our stance, for we are the children we sing our songs. Grandfather (white/star child) is here to help you along! Dong (ring the bell of freedom)!

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