Birthing of Hope with Fire Blessings

Welcome Home Relatives into the Heart of
"Grandfather Standing By Me"

I'm dreaming of the day. I'll find the praise. Dancing as a stream of light, I'm gonna to find my way. Help me. Hold my hand and I'll tell thee. Born as a star, I fly to thee. Call me the, "brother shines sow brightly". Hold me and call me, my Great Name. "Standing By Me", that's my name. That's where we're going, no shame. Tell you; tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, we're on our way. Oh sweetness, let the stones fly away. And they call me, "Oh Take My Hand". That's the place of the dawning, awhw (grab my heart), that's the land. Look at the bright light, shining so might, the glory of heaven you see, that's where I am going, the place I will sowing, that's the river valley for me.

Grandfather Standing By Me
~Heavenly name and Mission (blue road)
Oh (dream))/Owe (gratitude) Take My Hand
~Earthly name and tools of light (red road)
Brother Shine So/w Brightly
~Nick name (yellow road)
white (star), yellow, rainbow, gray~
~Rainbow colors


Great Name Song sung by
White Buffalo Calf Woman
on theHOOPs, Join us there!

Welcome Home Rainbow Clan
"Brother Shine Sow Brightly"

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tui Singing in the Wind

Relatives of the Rainbow,

We have a number of these amazing birds in our trees and one in particular has been sitting in the same tree for the past few days singing to us. So I thought I would write a poem. But first let me tell you a bit about them: -
These attractive birds can often be heard singing their beautiful melodies long before they are spotted. You will recognize them by their distinctive white tuft under their throat, which contrasts dramatically with the metallic blue-green sheen to their underlying black color. This is a YouTube clip of the beautiful sounds from a Tui - This is some great information about this New Zealand bird


There you sit on a branch close by, singing your heart far and wide.
What a beautiful sound for us to hear, making us feel there is nothing to fear.
LOVE, you sing, Share Your LOVE, Be ONE with everything.
The cleverness of your voice, gives you a lot of range and choice.
With two voice boxes for you to share, makes us wonder as you declare....
LOVE is all you need

Aho (may your spirit fly)

Love and Light
Grandfather Helen
White/Star Child

Here we glide to feel the (buffalo) hide, the rainbow colors of our pride (clan). A place to know inside the snow (blessings) that gift to us a ride. Place your hand inside of mine, then we will learn to shine, for love is true to those who knew, that relatives are always bind, to the heart of the sacred thine. One heart, one land, one place in our stance, for we are the children we sing our songs. Grandfather (white/star child) is here to help you along! Dong (ring the bell of freedom)!