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Welcome Home Relatives into the Heart of
"Grandfather Standing By Me"

I'm dreaming of the day. I'll find the praise. Dancing as a stream of light, I'm gonna to find my way. Help me. Hold my hand and I'll tell thee. Born as a star, I fly to thee. Call me the, "brother shines sow brightly". Hold me and call me, my Great Name. "Standing By Me", that's my name. That's where we're going, no shame. Tell you; tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, we're on our way. Oh sweetness, let the stones fly away. And they call me, "Oh Take My Hand". That's the place of the dawning, awhw (grab my heart), that's the land. Look at the bright light, shining so might, the glory of heaven you see, that's where I am going, the place I will sowing, that's the river valley for me.

Grandfather Standing By Me
~Heavenly name and Mission (blue road)
Oh (dream))/Owe (gratitude) Take My Hand
~Earthly name and tools of light (red road)
Brother Shine So/w Brightly
~Nick name (yellow road)
white (star), yellow, rainbow, gray~
~Rainbow colors


Great Name Song sung by
White Buffalo Calf Woman
on theHOOPs, Join us there!

Welcome Home Rainbow Clan
"Brother Shine Sow Brightly"

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grandfather Helen Shows Us the Waves! Rainbow Daze...

Star of Heaven  Bear embraces Great  Dog Warrior

Where the wind blows today, my soul will play. I know great gusts come to show us the waves. I will sing upon the soldiers who are mighty and strong, because they are here to show us the great alarm. And I know we are brethren each and everyone. We are family here inside this raging sun. And we can become the best we can bee, if only we remember we are here to dream.  Can we shine upon this world, to understand? I wish upon you a shooting star. Make a wish/whish and we can kiss the land, for it's Mother Earth who makes a stand.

Drum begins
Stand with me, let it bee (dreaming impossible dreams are known), one great big dream. Hold me close, then we will know the smoke. Here inside the heavenly lies. Upon our heart, we make a stand, for we are only and slowing becoming mortal man.  And if we shine, then a soul will blind, to show us true, the dream world does have a view.

Where are you, my soul wants to know this true. Where are you, my family of a sacred view.  I need to know, what is gallant and grow, to become a raging wind, for a place to sow.  We are part of heaven, upon this land.  We are where the soul of man, can begin again.  And if we shine, upon the will of light (inner light), then the dream, will alleviate all our plight.

Can you see, what is all that disease. Man needs to know, how great he could bee/dream (ascension waves). And I would shine through the beaming lights, to hold you close to where my mortal life.  Yet, I know true, we each have a view. We are part of One, the great big sun (Morning Star) and if we shine, together, we could blind (shining rainbow colors), we would be, Great immortal for all time.

There we go, into the land of overflow, Milk and Honey will teach us to sow.  And I will climb the highest mountain to shine. I will be forever, in your heart to be near, it's still, it's real, it's where my heart is fulfilled. Can you sea, oh what a great dream.  Can you bee, a living loving respiration (spiritual) inside of me?  I want to glow, forever it's what we know. you and me, we are forever living in this sacred breeze.  Come shine with me. Come shine with me. Come shine with me.  I will stay close, to know the great big breeze . And my soul will shine for thee, for God will become, the Greatness let's fulfill liberty.

Liberty, liberty, come inside of me.  Find a wave, to share this sacred honorable day.  And I will dream, with you upon this shore, my soul is open for all knocking at my door. And we need to be brothers and sisters this very day. Because it's important to share always. For we are true, when our heart are blue.  Let us dream, into the heart of me and you! (ascending waves)

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums. Sacred Song Blessing for Grandfather Helen. Her rainbow colors are white (star), yellow, rainbow, gray.

Grandmother dreaming space that allows us to be contained, to dream this garden of paradise. All things even dust have four rainbow colors. We also carry the reflection of these colors on the inside, which makes eight rainbow colors. This is considered the Morning Star, the Sunrise. We are SunDancers each and everyone of us. The ninth direction is in the middle, where we stand. We bless the sacred nine directions!

Helen means the most beautiful woman in the world, for she is light.  Helene means "torch, corposant (holy body) and moon (reflection of the world, therefore beaming rainbow colors). All our names support our great name. Helene sure does describe you much better than love or Elamore (healing/working name). We often don't recognize the great meanings we already carry around. Whitfield means white pasture. The first element (wic) from the ancient word "wican", meaning to bend or curve, and the reference is to a recess in a neighbouring hill. The rolling hills or rainbow colors (frequencies), as we walk into the valley of darkness, the embrace of the green pastures (oneness). The second element is "feld", which has the opposite meaning to the modern "field". It describes "open country", or "land free from wood", thus cultivated. All the other Whitfield or Whitefield places share the same meaning and derivation, which is "the white plain", from the Olde English "hwit", meaning white or in this context, chalky, like white clouds, floating free into the sky and above, as we cry, bringing tears that feed our lives (tree of life).

Thank you Grandfather Helen Whitfield for your great big heart, for all the Rainbow Clan.
You can contact her at
elamorenz's profile photo Helen Whitfield
Massage & Energy Works (healer)
0275 808 948
Facebook: Crystal Prisms - Children Spiritual Group

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

Here we glide to feel the (buffalo) hide, the rainbow colors of our pride (clan). A place to know inside the snow (blessings) that gift to us a ride. Place your hand inside of mine, then we will learn to shine, for love is true to those who knew, that relatives are always bind, to the heart of the sacred thine. One heart, one land, one place in our stance, for we are the children we sing our songs. Grandfather (white/star child) is here to help you along! Dong (ring the bell of freedom)!

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